Successful Spin-Off's In Search of Critica Success Factors for Spin-Off's (dissertation)

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    Target of the PhD-thesis was to identify possible facts, which help to make companies, and in this special case spin-off´s, successful. Based on this topic, start-ups and spin-offs were compared and differences between these two types of enterprises emphasised. Different points of view, based on every day business of companies, of each fact were showed and recommendations of action were summarised. It is necessary to identify a “theory of success”, to classify the enterprises under investigation concerning their success. Starting with a theoretical part, including a search of databases and literature, followed by an analysis of published examples, different fields of influence parameters were identified. Logical interconnections of parameters made it easier to classify the companies in more homogeneous groups. These fields of facts, as well as the parameters itself, were investigated in a practical study, based on 15 innovative, technology-based companies. Based on this work, parameters with a distinct influence on the success of a company were identified and are now named as “Factors of Success”. Facts which have a negative influence on the expansion of the business are called “Barrier of Success” or “Barrier of Failure”. The summary of this work contains hints regarding the meaning and the consequences
    Effective start/end date1/01/9930/11/03


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