Surfacetension-Steel - Measurement of surface tension and density of liquid steel by means of electromagnetic levitation

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Surface tension data of liquid steel are scarce. The main focus of this project is determining surface tension of Iron, of four Ni-Fe alloys and of 12 selected steels in the range between the actual melting temperature and about 200 K into the liquid phase. Some surface tension data for the Ni-Fe system have been published by Brillo and will be used to verify the data obtained within this project. Surface tension data of liquid steel are very rare. Selected results will be presented at scientific conferences and published in reviewed scientific journals. The obtained surface tension values will be valuable input parameters for the modelling of the re-melting refining process, as operated by Böhler. In a second step these simulations also can be offered on the open market by Böhler.
Effective start/end date1/10/1630/06/21


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