SWAP - Space Weather: an Austrian Platform

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The term "space weather" generally refers to the state of the near-Earth space environment and Earth's upper atmosphere. Space weather is mainly determined by the activity on the Sun and the relevant phenomena are often called solar storms. The interaction between charged particle clouds in the solar wind and the geomagnetic field leads to geomagnetic storms. Space weather can affect technological systems on the earth's surface during extreme events. These events have only been explored more intensively in the past 30 years. Research shows that solar storms that would have devastating effects on today's technical infrastructure have occurred in the past. Due to the effects of space weather on ever-increasing air traffic and growing critical infrastructure such as power grids or satellite navigation, the importance of space weather is still underestimated. In the context of this project, researchers, and end users in the field of space weather will be connected to create a national competence group. Possible synergies between the research groups will be promoted, and Austrian stakeholders in critical infrastructure will be identified. The state-of-the-art in this domain, specifically in a national context, will be presented and current research questions will be identified and formulated together with the stakeholders. required. An Austrian Space Weather Platform, which provides an overview of the content and makes it easily accessible, will be created. This platform is not intended to replace existing international “space weather warning tools”, but rather to bundle existing information, the latest research, and information prepared according to national user needs.
Effective start/end date1/06/2131/05/24


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