Synthesis of Immuno Modulators

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    Immunomodulators are biologically active compounds, which are able to enhance or moderate the human immune system in an nonspecific way. Thus the could bolster the immune system in a general way rendering immunizations against all possible infections by vaccinations unnecessary. On the other hand, suppressions of the human immune system are needed for the prevention of the repulsion of organ transplants. We work in both fields: The synthesized derivatives of MDP (muramyl dipeptide) could serve as mild and effective agents for the support of conventional chemotherapy of infectious or malignant illnesses. On the other side, the described multistep syntheses (10 steps on average) of the cyclohexyl fragment of the immunosuppressor FK 506 could be reduced to a three step sequence through selective catalytic reductions developed in our group.
    Effective start/end date1/01/9531/01/98


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