Systems for Waterproofing of Concrete Bridges - Concepts to Improve Bridge Maintenance under Consideration of New European Standardisation Developments

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In Austria the waterproofing of concrete bridgedecks is almost exclusively based on two layers of bitumen sheets. In a research project at the Technical College/Spittal, Project No. 800004 various bridgedeck waterproofing systems were examined for their long-term efficiency. The results showed that the application of polymer bitumen sheets and the use of epoxy resin for sealing the concrete substructure led to a clear improvement of the characteristics of bridgedeck waterproofing systems. Part of this thesis also deals with the effects the European standardizations - which are presently being developed - will have on our national standards. The investigation of bridgedeck waterproofing systems in this thesis consists of the determination of tensile bond and the determination of shear. In doing so, the examination methods of prEN and RVS were applied and then compared with each other.
Effective start/end date1/01/9831/01/02


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