The architecture of change processes (dissertation)

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    What makes change management successful and what are the main issues of organizational change? The dissertation analyzes present models for organizational change and evaluates and compares different management concepts for change management like Continous Improvement, Business Process Development or Business Reengineering. The characteristics of these concepts in regard to the dimensions of change and the necessary management activities in the change process are worked out. Three present management concepts for organizational transformation build the basement for developing the architecture of change, containing the phases and the successfactors of change and the most important designelements for managing the change process.The characteristics of the designelements and their effects in the change process are developed and described. Six business cases, describing organizational transformation in different companies, help to check up the hypothesis about the architecture of change and the effectiveness of the designelements in managing the change process.
    Effective start/end date1/01/9431/01/98


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