The influence of the particle size on the characteristics, especially on the stability and flow-behaviour, of Self-Compacting-Concrete (SCC).

  • Geymayer, Helmuth (Principal Investigator (PI))

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The experimental work for this diploma thesis was carried out in the laboratories of the Institute for Material Testing and Building Materials Technology and the attached Research and Testing Laboratory (TVFA) of the Technical University Graz. The study started with rheological measurements on cement slurries using three different cements, two additives and three high performance superplasticizers, which gave the starting parameters (combination and dosage of the materials) for the experiments on the concrete itself. For the determination of the characteristics of fresh concrete three test set-ups were used. The Slump-Flow-Test for the determination of the Flow-Slump, the V-Funnel-Test for Funnel time (for the viscosity and cohesion) and a special U-Box-Test for the capability of self-levelling. Twenty-five mixtures were made with varying components and particle-size distribution curves. The results were compared to assess the suitability of each test rig for the determination of the fresh concrete characteristics.
Effective start/end date1/02/0030/11/00


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