Thermaflex - Thermal demand and supply as flexible elements of future sustainable energy systems

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For implementation of flexible and sustainable DH systems research and demonstration is needed for flexibility measures such as thermal storage, heat pumps, smart control, sector coupling with electricity and wastewater infrastructure in combination with increased share of renewable heat and holistic system and planning approaches. Within Thermaflex, these research needs are addressed on base of several demonstration cases, which provide the background for developing, implementing and optimizing innovative DH concepts and technical solutions. The results of Thermaflex will lead to more efficient and effective demonstrators due to close cooperation with research partners and technology / knowhow provider in the Thermaflex consortium during the whole innovation and implementation process. Thermaflex will use the linked demonstrators “100% renewable district heating Leibnitz”, “Big Solar Salzburg”, “Salzburg Absorption Heat Pump”, “Virtual Heating Plant Gleisdorf”, “Wien high-temperature heat pump Spittelau”, “Wien Waste heat recovery from sewage water” and “Energy Island Weiz” to showcase, validate and optimize the developed concepts. We will use the results and experiences from implementation and operation to derive Best Practices, highlight promising concepts and pathways and show quantitatively technical, economic and ecological benefits and impacts of the demonstrators.
Effective start/end date2/11/181/11/22


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