Thermal Joining of Steel with Aluminium for Auto Body Construction (JOIN B.1)

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By means of characterization of Aluminium-Steel joints and the conditions for their formation, possible fields for application in Auto Body Constructions are evaluated. Ensuing the appropriate joining procedures will be optimized for serial production. Six welding procedures are under investigation for Al-Steel joints, as follow. 1. TIG braze welding / 2. GMA braze welding / 3. Friction Stir Welding / 4. Insertion of Al-Steel Bi-metals / 5. Laser welding / 6. Magnet pulse welding In a second step it is planned to produce a real Al-Steel prototype using promising welding procedures for a hands-on test of the quality. Examination methods: - Specification (Al and Steel alloys; Joint geometry; possible components) - Analysis of Advantages /Disadvantages in particular for corrosion resistance - Feasibility-Report Friction-Stir Schweißen FSW Al-St - Specific Al-Steel welding tests on existing machines - Metallography and SEM EDXS Analysis of Intermetallic phases - Tensile and corrosion tests, vibration fatigue tests (specimen series I) - Selection and decision for a special application - Optimization of the welding procedures (specimen series I) - Corrosion tests - Cathodic dip painting - Report
Effective start/end date1/06/051/06/09


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