ThermoCluster BBT - Heat recovery from infrastructure projects and integration into decentralised low-temperature heating and cooling networks for plus-energy districts

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The aim of this exploratory study is the integrative consideration of the geothermal potential of the Brenner Base Tunnel as well as the near Portal Nord area and the subsequent distribution of the heat extracted from it to the end consumer in potential plus-energy quarters of the city of Innsbruck. In addition to technological improvements for the extraction, distribution and storage of heat, the potential economic and technical implementation of geothermally activated tunnels will be examined. The aim is to find out which framework conditions have to be given in order to achieve the highest possible efficiency with regard to the extraction and distribution of heat. Ultimately, such a heat extraction method must be economically viable in order to contribute to the government's long-term energy and climate goals and thus to improving the quality of life. Within the framework of the ThermoCluster exploratory study, detailed technical implementation concepts ranging from the extraction of tunnel heat to its integration in neighbourhoods are to be developed and evaluated.
Effective start/end date1/02/2131/01/22


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