ThermoCluster BBT - Vorstudie - Reasonable use of climate-friendly tunnel-thermic energy at the Brenner Base Tunnel: Study of project documents and literature study

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At the project ThermoCluster BBT the tunnel-thermic capacity for ecologically clean thermal energy at the underground constructions of the Brenner Base Tunnel (northern part) shall be investigated. The research includes the heat recovery from the heat of the rock mass and from the heat of the drainage water and of the tunnel exhaust air. Besides economic aspects also the effects of a long-term recovery of heat on engineering parts, on the support of the tunnel and on the rock mass surrounding the tunnel will be examined. In the preliminary study the state of the art of tunnel-thermic equipment and the boundary conditions existing at the Brenner Base Tunnel project will be elaborated. The estimated heat utilisation capacity will be compared to the heat required by the city of Innsbruck and by neighbouring municipalities. In addition, limitations of any kind shall be identified (contractual, operational, spatial, safety-related, technical, thermal, etc.).
Effective start/end date21/11/1930/04/20


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