Triple4Science - Transdisciplinary and research-led university teaching in advanced technology using the example of a microcomputer tomography (Micro CT) - an innovative concept to strengthen the Styrian university area.

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The project "Triple4Science" deals with transdisciplinary research-led university teaching in advanced technology. The investment in a joint micro CT offers the possibility of a high-resolution density measurement of bone tissue structures in medicine as well as the quality assurance of additive-manufactured and joined hybrid components - i.e. the investigation of production-related deviations, bonding defects and defects. This allows the implementation of innovative, research-led courses in the fields of non-destructive material testing, image reconstruction and image analysis. The joint utilisation concept also promotes synergies in the areas of (I) transdisciplinary knowledge transfer, (II) cooperative research and innovation.
Effective start/end date1/02/1930/04/20


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