UHPC-Schale - B1: Shellstructures made of UHPC - Thin double-curved concrete elements made for a new shell-building methode

Project: Research project

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The ambition of this fundamental research project is to develop the entire process for the realization of a uhpc-shell structure made of precast-elements, reaching from the design to the fabrication. All issues are dealed by an interdisciplinary team of architects, structural engineers and material scientists. In addition to that business partners from different kind of industries are supporting the intention. One part of the project is the development of adequate casting-methods for thin-walled shell elements, considering material properties of uhpc (ultra high performance concrete). Another issue is the design of different suitable joining technologies. Furthermore is the digital parametric design of shell structures and the engineering of a flexible formwork, actuated by an industrial robot a substantial part of the project.
Effective start/end date1/09/1231/08/15


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