UpcycSlag-Binder - Upcycling of slag residues to new, sustainable binders in the construction materials cycle

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In the “UpcycSlag-Binder” research project, the fundamentals for the provision of new, sustainable binders for mineral building materials made from residual materials and supplements are to be researched. An interdisciplinary consortium made up of the scientific partners Montan University Leoben - Chair for Thermal Process Technology (TPT) and Graz University of Technology - Institute for Materials Testing and Building Material Technology with TVFA (IMBT) will work together with regional partners. The present project aims at making previously dumped metallurgical residues usable by means of suitable treatment, cooling and processing steps and by combining them with other secondary raw materials. For this purpose, the necessary process engineering fundamentals as well as the binder effectiveness or reaction mechanisms are explored and the properties or characteristic values of the new, sustainable binders are evaluated with regard to technical performance, CO2 emissions and recyclability.
Effective start/end date1/01/2131/12/22


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