UserGrids - User-centred intelligent control and planning of sustainable microgrids

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The project UserGRIDs develops two user-centred energy services at city district level, be¬ne¬fit-ting from active user participation and large amounts of real-time data. An ICT platform acts as a mid¬dleware providing seamless interoperability and standardized protocols. The first service is an energy management system (EMS) for districts with strongly fluctuating con¬sump¬tion and generation characteristics. The aim is to minimize emissions through optimal mana¬ge¬ment of en-ergy storage and supply from volatile sources. Various building controllers are ex¬ten¬ded to form a comprehensive, self-learning control system for the entire district. Its de¬vel¬opment is based on detailed thermo-electrical models also used by the second service, energy structure planning. It supports decisions on the transition of the district energy system towards zero greenhouse gas emissions. EMS, ICT-platform and energy structure planning will be im¬ple¬men¬ted, tested and further developed at the INNOVATION DISTRICT INFFELD of TU Graz.
Effective start/end date1/03/2129/02/24


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