V-Net - IT enabled eco-systems: qualification of the value-network south in the high-tech areas of electronics, IT and system solutions

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In the recent past, the digital transformation has resulted in new business models and in novel eco-systems (e.g., Uber, Airbnb, Skype, Facebook or Netflix). Three major trends accompany the emergence of such eco-systems: product differentiation happens in terms of service and software components, networks of things and people build up an essential part of the value proposition, and services and products are characterized by adaptability, smart functions and personalization. The V-NET qualification network educates employees from enterprises in Southern Austria in the key competence areas IT as commodity, modern, value-based systems and software engineering and consumerization. Thereby V-NET pursues thee major goals: First, V-NET strengthens the innovation capabilities of the participating enterprises. In particular, the curriculum focuses on the transition from pure competition towards the future duality of cooperation and competition (coopetition, cross-industry platforms, and digital eco-systems). Second, the curriculum aims to strengthen the ability of enterprises to anticipate changes and the systematic ability to adapt to these changes quickly. This is to enable the enterprises to actively shape the future eco-systems. Third, there is no other material that leads to more changes in industry and society as the internet in combination with appropriate software. V-NET thus provides a value-centred and modern approach to system and software development as well as collaborative leadership. The tailor-made V-NET curriculum consists of twelve topical streams and considers the various roles of employees within the enterprises. In addition to basic- and advanced courses, the curriculum offers expert-exchange-circles. The latter teaching format transfers highly topical knowledge between industry and academia. In particular, this supports the sustained anchoring of the acquired knowledge within the enterprise. An existing tele-teaching facility makes the on digital eco-systems focused curriculum accessible to a wider number of companies in Southern Austria, increases the teaching quality due to increased cooperation between lecturers and allows one for implementing a curriculum that offers the internationally recognized competencies of the three participating universities.
Effective start/end date1/01/1731/12/18


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