Vernakulare Architektur Stmk - Vernacular architecture in Styria

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The present research project is based on the scientific documentation and evaluation of materials which were collected by Holger Neuwirth in the context of the seminar Bauaufnahmen (building survey) taught in the years from 1972 until 1992 at the Technical University of Graz. The documentated materials cover more than 160 single as well as group objects (e.g. farm yards, farmhouses, barns, stables, mills, furnaces, rickstands, and chalets) which are all located in Styria. The documented materials principally consist of detailed architectural surveys and plans of the buildings. The materials allow for their scientific analysis from various viewpoints, such as notably the chronology of the development of typologies, principles of construction, stylistic and design criteria, and the applied construction materials. Detailed textual descriptions and visual material complement the architectural surveys and plans. In sum, the collected materials are very valuable also from a historical perspective, given that in the meantime many of the covered objects have already been either destroyed or changed out of condition. To allow the existing materials to be made accessible and to be used for interdisciplinary scientific research, as a first step, it is indispensable to digitize the materials. It is the digital documentation of the building surveys which shall be supplemented by maps and printouts from the land register in order to guarantee the precise localisation of the objects. In addition an exact description of the present condition will be rendered in order to analyse the development in the various regions. Already a website has been created for the public presentation of the digitised materials. These materials are updated and expanded on a continuous basis in order to allow for various interdisciplinary scientific research activities dealing with this subject matter.
Effective start/end date1/09/0930/04/10


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