WECARE - Community-based Configuration of Complex Products and Services

Project: Research project

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The low quality of customer support/service in the financial services domain requires new solutions. Such solutions should enable customers to easily (re-)design financial portfolios on their own. Existing software solutions are product-centered and thus lack an integrated view on the financial situation of the customer. The research project WECARE focuses on the development of new configuration and recommendation technologies that help to provide an integrated view on the customer situation. Key technologies in this context are intelligent recommendation and repair mechanisms that support customers in the design of their portfolio. On a technical level, the goals of WECARE are: - Development of domain-independent algorithms for the personalized recommendation of feature values and configurations. - Development of domain-independent algorithms for the recommendation of reconfigurations (in the case of inconsistent configurations/portfolios). - Evaluation of the developed software components in the context of empirical studies.
Effective start/end date1/03/0928/02/11


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