Working Area: Fluid Technics

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The working subjects include the conventional hydraulics and the cartridge technology (technology of the 2 - way insert valves). For special tasks adequate cylinders are concepted. Detail tasks as the development of piezo-actuated valves are realized. Following the actual development trends activities on the domain of the water hydraulics are accomplished. Water is the only one everywhere generally recognized useable medium of pressure. In the moment it is tried to help water hydraulics to become more important in the industry. Principle studies and the development of all in oil hydraulics used components are important points of international research activities. - Servo valves (continous valves in servo quality) are a generally premise for a wide operative range of water hydraulics. The greater wear and the abrasive effects of water require using and development of new technologies. - cylinders with a possibly low number of components in expensive alloyed special steel quality and the development of new methods of sealing are central points of actual research works.
Effective start/end date1/01/9531/07/15


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