X1T1 - X1T1 - LEC - Fundamental Experimental Investigations to Support the 3D Simulation of Dual Fuel Combustion

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Current models for simulating combustion with dual fuel (DF) engines are not capable of properly describing these phenomena with sufficient precision. The main challenge is to correctly describe the physical processes that underlie combustion system, specifically ignition delay, premixed combustion, non-premixed combustion and flame propagation, as well as to consider their interactions. To develop adequate simulation models that can be implemented into CFD codes, it is imperative to completely understand these processes. In this project, fundamental experimental investigations will be conducted to increase understanding of these processes and to support the modelling of ignition, flame propagation and emission formation with DF combustion. A combustion test rig for high pressures and high temperatures will be designed and installed in order to measure the laminar flame speed under various boundary conditions. These boundary conditions comprise various pressures, temperatures and charge compositions. Determining laminar flame speeds at high pressures and high temperatures is particularly challenging, and little has been published on this topic. To obtain additional measurement data for model validation, optical measurements on a single cylinder engine may also be conducted. Measurements of the time and location of knock onset in knocking combustion allow characterization of knocking combustion. In parallel, NOx and THC emissions may also be measured.
Effective start/end date1/02/1530/06/18


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