XT01_LEC - Comprehensive Survey and Modeling of Processes in the Prechamber and the Main Combustion Chamber of Gas Engines

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The main research objective of this project is to build up a detailed understanding of the relevant processes in a gas engine in order to improve the predictive simulation of the gas engine. Special focus will be put on the processes in the prechamber as well as on the interaction between the flame torches exiting the prechamber and the charge in the main combustion chamber. In addition, the causes of cycle-to-cycle variations will be investigated in detail, the underlying influencing factors will be identified and approaches for the simulation of the relevant phenomena will be developed. Comprehensive optical measurements of the processes in the prechamber as well as the interaction between prechamber and main combustion chamber will be carried out. In addition to special measurements on a single cylinder engine (SCE), the prechamber will be examined in detail in a Rapid Compression Expansion Machine (RCEM) in order to record and evaluate the relevant processes. Different optical diagnostic methods are used for cold flow and combustion. Optical fibers, endoscopic techniques or combustion chamber windows allow optical access to the prechamber and main combustion chamber.
Effective start/end date1/01/1931/12/22


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