XXX_Optimazation of an innovative wooden traffic guidance facility by directive RVS15.04.21

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The aim of this research project is to examine an innovative wooden traffic guidance facility by austrian guideline RVS 15.04.21. Wood, as a renewable and sustainable material, seems to be a good solution for the public demand of natural guidance systems, which fit into the landscape. But the wight pressures, which are to be expected by an impact, make wood as a not realistic material for motor vehicle restraints. Therefore the project was focused on the feasibility of cycle path and pedestrian restraint systems. At first, the necessary legal conditions were determined. These had to be examined of the transferability to timber constructions, because the prescribed guidelines refer to steel as a standard material. With this gained knowledge it was possible to establish an optimization of the products by the manufacturer and to define criteria for feasibility. Moreover, a prototype was experimentally investigated for the bearing and failure behavior. The sudden pressure, which can result from an impact of a pedestrian or cyclist, was simulated with several pendulum impact tests. The conclusion of this work is that wooden guidance systems are restrictively applicable. Innovative new and further developments of the wooden guidance system and its individual components have been initiated.
Effective start/end date25/01/1626/07/16


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