Ökoindikatoren-Bau - New indicators to evaluate environmental impacts of building products and constructions

Project: Research project

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The aim of the current research project is the identification of environmental indicators, which should be taken into account to assess and quantify the environmental impact of buildings and building products. In this project the indicators, as also the common LCIA-Methods, which are integrated in the EN 15804 at the moment for the construction sector should be adapted and developed further with additional indicators to build an essential basis for the ecological optimization of building products. The need of an further development of environmental indicators is given in the fields of land use and soil sealing, biodiversity as also human – and eco toxicity. In those areas the scientific point of view haven’t been considered in detail. The analysis of the different additional indicators should show the relevance for the construction sector, as also there should be shown the quality, robustness and the availability of the environmental indicators and the LCIA-Methods. As an result there should be identified suitable methods to show the priority of the environmental indicators. Furthermore the results should be a basis to supplement or revise the EN15804, as also to define the core indicators for NAD ÖNORM B 15804
Effective start/end date1/03/1428/02/15


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