A rheological method to predict mucoadhesion between dosage form excipients and human saliva

Nélio Duarte Drumond Freitas, Sven Stegemann

Research output: Contribution to conferencePosterpeer-review


Mucoadhesive polymers have been increasingly used as functional coatings to enhance and targeted drug delivery through mucosal tissue. Yet, the usage of mucoadhesive polymers in film-coating formulations can lead to unintended esophageal adhesion causing swallowing discomfort and oro-esophageal adverse reactions. The incidence of swallowing disorders in the older population has raised the attention to the development of oral forms that can be safely swallowed. Suitable film-coating polymers are suggested to improve swallowing of solid dosage forms. This experimental work evaluated the mucoadhesive potential of different pharmaceutical excipients, through the study of its interaction with human artificial saliva by means of a rheological method.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 30 Mar 2016
Event12th Minisymposium Verfahrenstechnik - TU Graz, Graz, Austria
Duration: 30 Mar 201631 Mar 2016


Conference12th Minisymposium Verfahrenstechnik

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