Analyse von Reifen-Simulationsmodellen

Translated title of the contribution: Analysis of Tyre Simulation Models

Research output: ThesisBachelor's Thesis


This thesis deals with an analysis of tire models for vehicle dynamics simulations. The objective is an evaluation of application range, complexity and real-time ability. For a better understanding of the modeling concepts of different tire models, some important basics in vehicle and tire dynamics are explained. Furthermore, the significance of tire models gets explained in general and a description of the classification of tire models is given in more detail. Afterwards a short overview of tire models for comfort analysis is given and tire models especially for handling analysis are analyzed in particular. With the so received knowledge the tire model TM_simple has been implemented in MATLAB® and the simulation results of a cornering maneuver of a racing tire are presented. Finally, the parameterization of TM_simple gets compared with the parameterization of other tire models of equal potential, which belong to the same field of application, to make one aware of challenges and possible problems, which may arise when tire models get applied in vehicle dynamics simulations.
Translated title of the contributionAnalysis of Tyre Simulation Models
Original languageGerman
Awarding Institution
  • Graz University of Technology (90000)
  • Hackl, Andreas, Supervisor
Publication statusPublished - Oct 2014


  • Tyre Modelling
  • Tyre Simulation
  • Parametrisation of Tyre Models

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  • Automotive Engineering
  • Modelling and Simulation

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  • Mobility & Production

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  • Theoretical
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