Characterization of viscose fibers modified with 6-deoxy-6-amino cellulose sulfate

Taha Genco, Lidija Fras Zemljič, Matej Bračič, Karin Stana-Kleinschek, Thomas Heinze

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Cellulose viscose fibres were functionalized by novel amino cellulose sulfates (ACS), namely 6-deoxy-6-(ω-aminoethyl) amino cellulose-2,3(6)-O-sulfate (AECS), and 6-deoxy-6-(2-(bis-N′,N′-(2-aminoethyl)aminoethyl)) amino cellulose-2,3(6)-O-sulfate (BAECS). In this way an amphoteric characteristics were introduced onto cellulose viscose fibers which is extremely important by fiber applications. Whilst cellulose fibers possess only negligible carboxyl groups' content, the coating of fibers by AECS and BAECS, respectively, introduces new functional groups to the fibers; as positively-charged amino groups and negatively-charged sulfate groups. The typical functional groups within the non-coated fibers, as well in the ACS-coated fibers, were characterized by means of X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, conductometric-, potentiometric and polyelectrolyte titrations, as well as conventionally by the spectroscopic methylene-blue method. The electro-kinetic behavior was evaluated by measuring the zeta-potential of the fibers as a function of pH. The amounts of the positive-charges (introduced protonated amino groups) determined by potentiometric titration agreed with the amounts of the positive charges determined by conductometric titration. The total amounts of negatively-charged fiber groups (sulfate and carboxyl) determined by polyelectrolyte titration were 38. 8 and 32. 1 mMol kg -1 for AECS-Vis and BAECS-Vis, respectively, and these results were in accordance with the conventional methylene-blue method.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2057-2067
Number of pages11
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2012
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  • Amino cellulose sulfate
  • Amphoteric fibers
  • Cellulosic fibers
  • Polyelectrolyte titration

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