Design and test of the optical fiber assemblies for the scalar magnetic field sensor aboard the JUICE mission

Irmgard Jernej, M. Faust, R. Lammegger, I. McKenzie, J. Kuhnhenn, C. Knothe, S. O'Riorden, J. Barbero, P. Brown, V. Lelievre, M. Agú, A. Alessi, C. Amtmann, A. Betzler, M. Dougherty, M. Ellmeier, C. Hagen, A. Hauser, M. Hartig, A. LamottM. Leichtfried, W. Magnes, A. Mahapatra, S. Mariojouls, D. Monteiro, A. Pollinger, A. Salomon, U. Weinand, R. Wolf

Research output: Chapter in Book/Report/Conference proceedingConference paperpeer-review

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