Development of a Framework for Internal Combustion Engine Simulations in OpenFOAM

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High-accuracy simulations of internal combustion engines (ICE) allow deep insight into the physical processes of the different phases of the engine cycle: gas exchange, mixture formation, compression, combustion and emission formation. The commercial solvers for ICE simulations provide a full package which covers these areas. However, the user of such software is unable to look into the source code, making it impossible to implement new models or investigate possible implementation errors in the code, and costs arise due to licensing requirements for commercial solvers. Although the open source framework OpenFOAM already includes multiple classes and two solvers dedicated to internal combustion engine simulations, there is no way to move engine valves and piston simultaneously with its standard tools. Thus, this paper presents a new engine library for ICE simulations written for OpenFOAM. The new framework is capable of simulating a complete fired engine cycle. The piston and the valves are moved simultaneously. To address large deformations in the mesh, a methodology to avoid insufficient mesh quality was developed. Ignition and combustion is modeled with standard tools from OpenFOAM. To validate the method, the simulation results for the averaged in-cylinder quantities pressure, temperature and mass are compared with experimental data


Conference8th European Congress on Computational Methods in Applied Sciences and Engineering
Abbreviated titleECCOMAS CONGRESS 2022
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