Functional Biomaterials: Design and Development for Biotechnology, Pharmacology, and Biomedicine

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This book merges the two most important trends in biomaterials: functionalization and renewable chemistry. It covers a variety of biopolymers and various approaches for the transformation of these biopolymers into functional units. Sample topics covered by the two well-qualified authors include:

Fundamental knowledge of biopolymers–natural ones, such as cellulose and other polysaccharides, and synthetic ones, such as polyethylene
The origin, classifications, chemical nature, and isolation methods of specific biopolymers
The different classical and modern approaches for the transformation of biopolymers into different shapes, ranging from thin films (model surfaces), to nanoparticles, to nanofibers, all the way to 3D scaffolds
The morphology, structure, shape, thermal, electrical, and surface properties of biomaterials
This all-inclusive reference guide, which covers fundamentals, methods, and applications alike, is a key resource for both students and practicing scientists involved in programs of study or disciplines that intersect with the field of biomaterials.
Original languageEnglish
Place of PublicationWeinheim
Number of pages592
ISBN (Electronic)978-3-527-34771-1
Publication statusPublished - 2023

Fields of Expertise

  • Advanced Materials Science
  • Human- & Biotechnology
  • Sustainable Systems


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