Multi-objective gearbox design optimization for xEV-axle drives under consideration of package restrictions

Martin Hofstetter, Dominik Lechleitner, Mario Hirz, Martin Gintzel, Andreas Schmidhofer

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In the design process of electric powertrains, consisting of electric machine, gearbox and power electronics, the requirements
regarding performance, package and costs are typically set on system level. This imposes that deduction of component
requirements is not unique and component properties interfere with each other. As a component of the powertrain system,
the gearbox represents a linking element between the electric machine and drive shafts to the wheels. Through this the
available installation space of the gearbox shows manifold characteristics due to multiple possible motor- and power
electronics variants as also versatile system installation positions and angles. This space can be utilized by different
gearbox variants, which are characterized by gearbox-internal design parameters. They affect gear ratio, configuration of
gear wheels, outer shape of the gearbox and therefore the package as well as efficiency and production costs. The high
variability of gearbox design parameters and packaging-related aspects lead to a complex problem in the design process.
In this context, the present contribution introduces a gearbox design optimization process to support decision-making in the
early development phase. For given load-, lifetime- and package-requirements, the introduced differential-evolution-based
process delivers design parameters for shafts, gears, bearings and their arrangement to handle efficiency, package and
costs in a multi-objective manner. The results are represented by a Pareto front of gearbox designs variants, from which
decision makers are able to choose the best and most suitable trade-off. The new approach is exemplarily demonstrated
on a single-speed, two-stage helical gearbox with an integrated differential drive, which represents a common gearbox
topology for xEV-axle drives.
Translated title of the contributionMulti-kriterielle Optimierung eines xEV-Getriebes unter Berücksichtigung von Bauraumeinschränkungen
Original languageEnglish
JournalForschung im Ingenieurwesen
Publication statusE-pub ahead of print - 6 Sept 2018

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