MUTANT Analysis Tool - Functionality Report Version 1.0

Peter Luttenberger, Martin Schachner, Stefan Rajinovic, Jörg Moser, Christoph Leo, Wolfgang Sinz

Research output: Book/ReportOther report


MUTANT – “MUlTidimensional Analysis Tool” – is an open-source (GPLv3) tool written in the Python programming language. It enables the user to select fast, robust and target-oriented data visualisation and filtering options for any multitude data set (e.g. testing, simulation) that is stored in the correct format. The input data sets for MUTANT that are stored in the correct folder structure and the correct “*.csv” format (included in the report) can contain any singular values, data vectors and information that define the boundaries of the data sets. The features used for visualisation and filtering are set up so that the loaded data sets can be easily and comprehensively analysed. Best or worst data sets can be identified in a short amount of time. The capabilities of the tool are shown in this report by the selection of two finite element LS-DYNA models.
As MUTANT offers the option of initiating a two-stage tool chain in combination with Dynasaur , thereby the correctly formatted data is automatically generated. The tool requires an info file for each data set that is analysed. The user has to set up this info file based on the known boundaries of the data set, which are also used for filtering (e.g. “Simulation Model or Test Name” and corresponding details). The processed and stored data from Dynasaur (singular values and data vectors) are user-dependent and visualised in diagrams, box plots, 2D-point diagrams and a criteria graph. Some of the diagrams, for example, offer functionality by grouping the results in the legend and providing an automatic update of the visualised data when filtering is applied.
Because the tool is an open-source tool, it can and will be updated (by VSI – TU Graz or by third parties who are interested in improving multidimensional data analysis methods). Third parties can send a merge request of their developed, innovative features, which can be included in the main program. The changes are available for everyone after “system stability testing” has been conducted. This should encourage users to perform harmonisation tasks in the future.
If the use of the tool is mentioned in publications by third parties, this report should be used as a reference.
Translated title of the contributionMUTANT Analysetool
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 12 Jul 2019

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