Parameters for Independent Living in Old Age in Terms of Urban Planning and Technology

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The concept of autonomy and self-determination in old age has taken on further meaning. Pushed by the social side effects of the corona crisis, the 65+ target age group has become more digitally fit and has tried technical applications such as video calls and delivery services. In the view of the demographic change and the ageing of the global population, there are various potentials for technology to support those aged 65+ in their independent lifestyle. To sound out urban planning potentials that can be used to support independent living in old age, a survey of ages 65+ was conducted. The survey asked about user acceptance and habits of the target group. The goals were to assess whether technology support could improve independent living in old age, and to investigate which technical application can be used in everyday life to support an age-appropriate urban living environment. The research has shown that technology is an important factor in many areas of urban and social life, and that urban design can have a supportive effect on the living conditions for the elderly, as well as providing them a meeting place.
Original languageEnglish
Publication statusPublished - 29 Sept 2021

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