Process for the mono- and bi-​sialylation of glycoproteins employing N-​terminally truncated β-​galactoside α-​2,​6-​sialyltransferase mutants

Tibor Czabany (Inventor), Alfred Engel (Inventor), Michael Greif (Inventor), Christine Jung (Inventor), Christiane Luley (Inventor), Sebastian Malik (Inventor), Rainer Mueller (Inventor), Bernd Nidetzky (Inventor), Doris Ribitsch (Inventor), Katharina Schmoelzer (Inventor), Helmut Schwab (Inventor), Harald Sobek (Inventor), Bernhard Suppmann (Inventor), Marco Thomann (Inventor), Sabine Zitzenbacher (Inventor)

Research output: Patent

Original languageGerman
Patent numberWO 2015001033 A1
Publication statusPublished - 8 Jan 2015

Fields of Expertise

  • Human- & Biotechnology

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