Requirements to Updated Courses with New Subjects on Open Science

Stefan Egon Reichmann, Anja Rainer, Iryna Kuchma, Tony Ross-Hellauer

Research output: Book/ReportCommissioned report


Aims: This report summarizes findings from two workshops on gathering requirements for introducing Open Science (OS) training to Ukrainian higher education institutions (HEIs) and presents a roadmap for implementation. It develops recommendations for Open Science training implementation based on the findings of the two requirements gathering workshops. In particular, the report develops a roadmap for OS course development for Ukrainian Higher Education Institutions, taking into account background research on the Ukrainian academic context. Based on OS course requirements, the report also sketches requirements for the development of training handbooks on Open Science and how these could be integrated with university courses. Findings: In addition to updating existing courses starting at the graduate (Master) level, the workshop revealed a need to provide introductory Open Science training already at the undergraduate level to familiarize students with basic concepts and aims of Open Science. Recommendations: The main recommendations to the consortium can therefore be summarized as: Identification of institutional gatekeepers (individuals and institutions within universities) as soon as possible; building a knowledge base of participant institutions regarding accreditation & course development; develop course content for a baseline introductory Open Science course (plus a collection of training materials); develop discipline-specific modules for each of the OPTIMA use cases; form working groups to co-create an OS Handbook into Ukrainian partly reusing content from existing handbooks and to develop disciplinespecific modules (in close connection to the development of course content).
Translated title of the contributionAnforderungen an überarbeitete und neue Kurse mit Blick auf Open Science
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages32
Publication statusSubmitted - 14 Jul 2021

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