Schaltungsanordnung zur Beeinflussung der Stromwendung.

Translated title of the contribution: Circuit arrangement for regulating current commutation.

Georg Brasseur (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


1. Circuit arrangement for influencing the commutations in a two-terminal load network having a predominantly inductive component (3), particularly the winding of a stepping motor which is supplemented by a capacitor (4) which is connected in parallel with it to form a tuned circuit, in which arrangement a bridge circuit with two bridge branches is provided, which bridge branches are connected in parallel with each other and are connected to a direct-current source (U), and each of wich has two series-connected semiconductor switching devices (1, 2 ; 1', 2'), one of which is formed by a transistor (2, 2'), and the two-terminal load network supplemented to form the tuned circuit is connected in the bridge diagonal to the junction points connecting the two semiconductor switching devices of each bridge branch to each other, one power electrode of each of the two transistors being connected to one terminal of the direct-current source, characterized in that in each of the two bridge branches, the other semiconductor switching device (1, 1') has at least four series-connected semiconductor layers and can be switched to conduction by at least one trigger pulse and turns off when a load current drops below a minimum value, by turning off the transistor (2, 2') arranged in the other bridge branch in each case or can be turned off by a blocking pulse and is formed, for example, by a thyristor, photothyristor, GTO thyristor or a transistor circuit corresponding to these components, the semiconductor switching devices (1, 1') being kept free of free-wheeling circuits equipped with diodes.

Translated title of the contributionCircuit arrangement for regulating current commutation.
Original languageGerman
Patent numberEP0097145
IPCH02P 8/ 12 A I
Priority date16/06/82
Publication statusPublished - 28 Dec 1983
Externally publishedYes

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