Switching Device For a Radar Target Emulator And Radar Target Emulation Having Said Type of Switching Device

Andreas Gruber (Inventor), Michael Ernst Gadringer (Inventor), Helmut Schreiber (Inventor)

Research output: Patent


The invention relates to a switching device (100) for a radar target emulator, in particular of the type described herein, comprising: at least one first switching arrangement (110, 110a) and a second switching arrangement (110, 110b), each having a branching device (112) which is designed to receive a first input signal (E1), for diverging into branch signal and a first output signal (A1), switching means (114) which are adapted to transmit the branch signal in a first switching state within the switch arrangement (110, 110a, 110b) and to not transmit in a second switching state, and adding mean (116) which are designed to emit the signal transmitted in the first switching state of the switching device (114), at least as components of a second output signal (A2). The first switching arrangement (110, 110a) and the second switching arrangement (110, 110b) are interconnected in such a way that a first input signal...
Translated title of the contributionSchaltvorrichtung für einen Radarzielemulator und Radarzielemulator mit einer solchen Schaltvorrichtung
Original languageEnglish
Patent numberWO 2018/122292 (A1)
Priority date29/12/16
Filing date28/12/17
Publication statusPublished - 5 Jul 2018

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