Systematic Literature Review of Disruptive Technologies in Business Ecosystems

Ines Korajman, Michael Rachinger, Stefan Vorbach

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The successful development of disruptive technologies is a process, the construction of which depends on a heterogeneous set of actors whose relationships are interconnected in a business ecosystem. This article was written to provide a comprehensive review of research on the correlation between disruptive technologies and business ecosystems. To this end, a content analysis of relevant scientific journal articles was conducted. The results indicate that the number of relevant publications covering the topics of disruptive technologies and business ecosystems has exponentially increased in the last two decades, while much of the scientific discussion has taken place in a few scientific journals. Moreover, the study sheds light on overarching themes in the literature regarding the relationship between disruptive technologies and business ecosystems. The findings highlight changes induced by disruptive technology in the structures of business ecosystems, as well as changes in the interactions and capabilities of individual actors in business ecosystems. These findings add to the literature on disruptive technologies in business ecosystems and provide managers and researchers with valuable information about how disruptive technologies affect business ecosystems that can help them decide how to respond.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages15
Publication statusPublished - 19 Jun 2019
EventR&D Management Conference 2019 - Paris, Paris, France
Duration: 19 Jun 201921 Jun 2019


ConferenceR&D Management Conference 2019
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