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Additive, direct-write manufacturing has become an essential part in research and development duringthe last decade. Within the small pool of additive, direct-write technologies for nanoscale fabrication,focused electron beam induced deposition (FEBID), has done tremendous advances in recent years. Thattechnology class relies on the highly localized nano-synthesis of surface adsorbed precursor molecules,which are introduced in the vacuum chamber by a gas injection system. Hence, there are only littledemands on substrate materials (vacuum / beam compatibility) and surface morphologies (accessible bythe beam), making them true direct-write methods. As a currently unique possibility, FEBID allows for thefabrication of even complex, freestanding 3D nano-objects. Together with constantly growing number ofprecursor materials and improving software packages for a reliable upfront design, 3D FEBID is ready totake on a cutting-edge role in the area of direct-write, additive manufacturing. In this presentation, weshed light on recent progress of FEBID with emphasis on current fabrication and tuning possibilities in 3Dspace and start with a basic introduction about the principle. We then turn briefly into materials, theirstructural and chemical composition and discuss post-processing approaches, which tune or even entirelychange the material properties. Those aspects are complemented by several application examples, whichstrongly benefit from both, the 3D design and the partly unique material properties. The talk is closedwith a view on remaining challenges to provide a comprehensive insight in 3D FEBIDs possibilities.
Zeitraum15 Dez. 2021
EreignistitelIMN-Kolloquium: The Spirit of Science
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