Adaptions of the Energy-Based Hysteresis Model for correct Rotational Losses

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Energy-based (EB) hysteresis models are thermo-
dynamically consistent formulations for the physical process of
magnetic hysteresis and can efficiently be used in Finite Element
(FE) implementations. However, a shortcoming of classical EB
models is the correct modelling of vanishing rotational losses
in the range of saturation. In this contribution, two adaptions
of the EB model are presented, by which rotational losses can
qualitatively be included into the model. The proposed adaptions
are included in a FE simulation of a rotating magnetic field and
compared to simulations of a classical EB model.
Zeitraum24 Okt. 202226 Okt. 2022
Ereignistitel20th Biennial IEEE Conference on Electromagnetic Field Computation: CEFC 2022
OrtVirtual, Online, USA / Vereinigte StaatenAuf Karte anzeigen

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