6th Winter Process Chemistry Conference – Young Chemist Award

  • Maier, Manuel Christian (Empfänger/-in)

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PURPOSE: Scientific Update would like to invite 2nd , 3rd or 4th year PhD students to present their work at the above conference. This award is aimed at those who are considering a career in process chemistry in industry (including pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals, agrochemicals, flavour & fragrance and speciality chemical industries) and will give them an opportunity to meet and network with key industrial leaders and discover potential career options. The 10 successful candidates will be invited to attend the above conference, free of charge, present their work during a 5 minute flash presentation session and present a poster. Prizes will also be awarded for the best presentation and best poster during the meeting.
StipendiumsorganisationenScientific Update Ltd

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Ereignistitel6th Winter Process Chemistry Conference
OrtThe Birmingham Conference & Events Centre, Birmingham, Großbritannien / Vereinigtes KönigreichAuf Karte anzeigen
Zeitraum9 Dez. 2019 → 11 Dez. 2019

ÖFOS 2012 (6-stellig)

  • 204004 Organisch-chemische Technologie
  • 204002 Chemische Reaktionstechnik