European Project EIS-EMF: European System on Electromagnetic Fields

Projekt: Foschungsprojekt



EIS-EMF is an activity of the Joint Research Center Ispra carried out on behalf of EC-DG SANCO. The main objective is, to devop and implement a EU-wide program of EMF risk communication, and to contribute to the development of an EU official risk communication channel on EMF. The aim is to provide quality information and sound advice for the EC and Member States actions and communication needs; to promote common practices and standards for risk perception monitoring and risk communication at EU level to elaborate tools such as newsletters, fact-sheets, reports etc. for the dissemination of information to stakeholders and EU citizens. EIS-EMF is a partner within the EMF-NET consortium (including also COST Action 281) and developed and operates a web-based information exchange tool among EMF-NET partners and a knowledge-based database to include all relevant scientific data and EC funded project results. Further information can be found at:
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