Biological control of potato diseases guided by plant microbiome approaches

  • Franz Stocker (Speaker)

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Plant protection against fungal pathogens is a crucial aspect of modern agriculture and mostly relies on chemical inputs. However, phytopathogens often become resistant against conventional fungicides1. Additionally, the microbial diversity in agricultural soils decreases through the application of pesticides, fertilizers and the soil tillage2. The aim of the SusCrop – ERA-NET project ‘PotatoMETAbiome’ is to establish microbial consortia, which are applicable for potato cultivation to mediate the resistance against soil-borne fungal pathogens (Verticillium dahliae and Rhizoctonia solani) and support the microbial diversity in soil.
Period28 Nov 201929 Nov 2019
Event title6th Theodor Escherich Symposium
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