Modeling and simulation of hydrogen embrittlement of high-strength steels

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Hydrogen embrittlement (HE) of high-strength steels (HSS) is currently one of the most serious problems steel producers and their customers are facing all over the world. HE may not only affect the manufacturing of steel components, but also their use due to time-delayed fracture. Considering this delay is crucial for reliable component assessments and lifetime predictions. Possible reasons for HE are corrosion-induced hydrogen evolution at the surface, gaseous hydrogen absorption, chemical hydrogen diffusion, or local hydrogen-induced cracking (HIC). Most relevant experimental methods for investigating HE are electrochemical permeation (EP), thermal desorption analysis (TDA), constant load testing (CLT), slow strain rate testing (SSRT) and incremental step load testing (ISLT). However, these methods are time consuming and thus expensive. Moreover, difficult control of hydrogen absorption during charging or hydrogen desorption of charged samples during testing makes the evaluation of results challenging. Therefore, coupled diffusion-mechanical models for EP, TDA and SSRT were developed to improve the understanding of chemical hydrogen diffusion, trapping and HIC in steels. Using these finite element (FE) and finite volume (FV) models reduces the total testing time and thus improves the efficiency of HE evaluation. The models are able to predict hydrogen bulk diffusion with multiple hydrogen trapping sites, stress-driven hydrogen diffusion, grain boundary diffusion, hydrogen absorption and hydrogen desorption in gaseous hydrogen atmosphere. Model parametrization and validation was accomplished by means of in-house TDA measurements and EP data from literature. Finally, the models were applied for studying the influence of local plastic deformation on the hydrogen distribution in notched samples during SSRT.
Period15 Sept 202117 Sept 2021
Event title2nd International Conference on Corrosion in the Oil and Gas Industry
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