Ökolyt - Ecological and sustainable electrolytes for flow batteries

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Sustainable stationary energy storage systems are an integral part of achieving the energy transition, as they can temporarily store renewable energy and make it available to the grid again when needed. As a result, such storage facilities have a stabilizing effect on the grid and ensure the supply of electricity. In addition to pumped storage power plants, batteries have also been increasingly investigated for this purpose in recent years. However, almost all battery technologies have the disadvantage that they use critical raw materials and are not sufficiently available in Austria or Europe, resulting in dependencies on politically unstable regions. In this project, novel redox-active molecules will be produced with properties of high solubility, as well as high stability under electrochemical conditions. The characterization will be performed by a series of chemical and electrochemical analytical methods as well as in half- and full-cell tests.
Effective start/end date1/06/2231/05/23


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