3DKiosk - "The Epoch 3D Multimedia Kiosk"

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A museum curator decides to make a new exhibition on the Etruscan period. He hires a company that digitizes the tiny golden brooches and small pieces of precious jewelry he is going to present. From a recent excavation campaign he purchases the scanned 3D datasets of the different strata of the archaeological site where the beautiful historic artifacts were found, as well as laser scans of the remains of houses, pillars, statues, etc. He puts all the digital artifacts into the 3D presentation software, chooses a theme (skin) that fits with the look of the physical exhibition, and uploads the new presentation to the 3D multimedia kiosks via network. In the exhibition, visitors can not only inspect the real, small artifacts behind glass, but also their virtual counterparts and this interactively and from all sides. Moreover, they can have a quick look at the archaeological site where they were found, which includes also a transparent overlay with a virtual reconstruction of the site. (a subproject of the Network of Excellence EPOCH.)
Effective start/end date1/07/0630/06/07


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