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The overall objective of the project is to develop a solar thermally activated facade panel (STAF-panel) for the effective use of solar energy in order to reduce the energy demand of a building. Technological innovation is the merging of the roll-bonding technology with the knowledge of forming and facade technology of Graz University of Technology. The integral design makes it possible to integrate additional functions into the building envelope. Due to the thermal activation of the facade (energy harvesting, heating and cooling), the energy balance of the building is improved. Output of the project is to develop a prototype of STAF-panel on the one hand and to bring together competent partner in the field of renewable energy sources and the associated disciplines (construction, architecture and engineering) of the program region in a knowledge network on the other. Thus, the project contributes to the improvement of cross-border cooperation and competitiveness of relevant stakeholders through knowledge transfer, strengthening of R & I, use of R & D infrastructure, transfer and use of innovative R & D solutions in the above mentioned disciplines. Outputs of the project will benefit the industrialists and knowledge institutions as well as students of the program region, for which we will organize business meetings. Towards the end of the project joint proposals for the launch of the STAF-panels in the program region will be worked out on the basis of newly acquired technical and conceptual knowledge in terms of manufacturing of solar thermally activated facade panels. Through our interdisciplinary model further cooperation and formation of new transnational consortia will be encouraged. The uniqueness of the partnership lies in the fact that here skills and knowledge are brought together, which currently do not exist in this form in the program region.
Effective start/end date1/06/1731/07/19


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