AddMag - Additive manufacturing of permanent magnet materials

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Due to rapid improvements in devices for sustainable energy, the demand for precisely shaped and miniaturized permanent magnets is ever growing. Since these demands cannot be met with conventional manufacturing methods, additive manufacturing has to be applied and in recent years, it has already presented itself as more and more important in the production of permanent magnets. In this project, the additive manufacturing process of two magnetic materials, Nd-Fe-B and Fe-Cr-Co will be examined. New approaches will be followed by using various base materials like amorphous powders and powders from recycled end- of- life magnets and by printing via in-situ alloying of powder mixtures. Possible applications will be mostly magnets for electronic devices and for electric engines as these are key sectors for this type of materials. The recycling or reduction of rare- earth elements in these production chains will have both positive environmental and societal impacts.
Effective start/end date1/06/2231/05/25


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