Austrian Region in the EFDA - A Concept for an Austrian Region in the Multi-Regional EFDA-Model

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Within the 15-regional EFDA-Model the possibility of including single countries as an additional 16th region is currently under development. This feature will allow the study of national energy scenarios in a global context. In this project, the treatment of Austria as a separate model region in the multi-regional EFDA-Model shall be prepared. It has to be studied to which extent the data for the model region Western Europe has to be changed and recalibrated. Furthermore, the data needs for the new model region have to be identified, and a first reference energy system for this region shall be developed. This work will help to identify the boundary conditions for a later project which will envisage the implementation of an Austrian region in the multi-regional EFDA-Model.
Effective start/end date1/01/0631/03/07


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