CC2018 - Advanced Development Cooling Compressor 2018 - Reverberation Room

Project: Research project

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The primary purpose of the reverberation room, on which this project refers, is the measurement of sound power. For accurate validation measurements of the obtained noise recuction of complete systems it is necessary to increase the accuracy class of the sound power measurements. In order to improve the quality of the measurements in an existing class 2 reverberation room (engineering method, EN ISO 3743-2) to a class 1 reverberation room (precision method, EN ISO 3741), the installation of additional diffusers and depth absorbers is required, which shall be calculated and developed in this projecr. The construction and installation of the room acoustic elements are from an external supplier, but general monitored by the project partner SPSC.
Effective start/end date1/01/1531/08/15


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