CFD simulation of heat exchangers, modelling of ash deposit formation as well as investigation of slagging and corrosion in biomass furnaces and boilers

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abstract Slagging in biomass furnaces and boilers may have very negative effects on availability and maintenance costs. With this project the fundamental understanding of the mechanisms which cause ash melting and deposit formation should be improved. Models which are suitable to design biomass furnaces and boilers under the aspects of ash deposit formation should be available at the end of the project. A CFD model for the simulation and optimisation of tube bundle heat exchangers (convective part of the boiler) should be further developed. Moreover, this model should be combined with thermodynamic equilibrium calculations and be the basis of a model for the prediction of ash deposits on furnace and boiler walls as well as on surfaces of tube bundle heat exchangers. With these models and test runs performed at biomass fired boilers, the melting behaviour (slagging) of ashes in the furnace and boiler section should be investigated in detail. Additionally, corrosion in heat exchangers should be experimentally investigated in selected case studies.
Effective start/end date1/04/0331/03/06


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